The Best Way to Improve Your Landscape Photography Today!

I have been photographing landscapes seriously for over a year now, and I have changed my landscape photography a lot in the past year. With a BIG improvement. 

When I first started photographing landscapes, I would get up at crazy hours, go out in the best light of day, and then just shoot 400+ photos and hope I got something good. And almost always, I didn’t get anything good! And I have to admit, I didn’t know why! 

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A great book from Craft And Vision

Hey there! 

I wanted to share with you a great book from Craft and Vision.

It’s called “A Sense of Place, Finding Your Eye at Home and Abroad.

It’s’ a great book that talks about travel photography.

I read it a few times, and as I am traveling to England in a few days, I plan to read it again.

Like all Craft and Vision E-Books, It only costs $5!!

It’s definitely worth that and way more.

Now it’s your turn:

What is your favorite photography related book?


Always Get to Your Location Early to Scout

There is a great sentence in photography, familiarity breeds success. 

It’s one of the sentences that I really believe in. I completely agree with it.

But how does this sentence translate to photography?

As I said in the title, you should always get to the location you plan to photography early to scout it. Whether you are going to shoot wildlife, or a landscape, or anything else, you should always get to your spot a few hours earlier than you plan for shooting, just to scout it and find the best places to photograph.

If you can, even go to a location a day before, just to see how it looks. You don’t have to take your camera when you scout, but if you want, take a small point and shoot just to try out a few compositions.

I always try to get to the place I plan to shoot at least an hour earlier if it’s a small place, just to scout and check out how it looks.

Use the hours of the day with the “bad” light to go and scout. 

For example, when I went to the lake in Rishon, I went there two hours before I wanted to start shooting, just to see what birds are there. Although I have been there a few times before.

Something I always like to do, is to go to a location at sunset (if I plan to shoot at sunrise), and just scout it and go back at sunrise, then I remember very well how I wanted my composition to look.

That’s all for now.

Remember, familiarity breeds success! 

Google Plus for Photographers

Hey there. Today I wanted to share with you a video. It’s about Google Plus for photographers. 

It’s a video from a weekly show about photography, from Kelby Media Group, it’s called The Grid.

Here it is:

You really should watch it now!! I love Google plus, and I use it a lot to upload photos and get a conversation about them. You should start using it too!

This is my profile.

Sorry for the short post, I just wanted you to start using Google Plus. Nothing to serious. But I am working on quite a few big posts and I will try and finish them as soon as I can! 

Who here uses Google Plus?

Share your profile in the comments below! 

500px For Inspiration

Hi there. 

Today I wanted to introduce you to a website for photographers, called 500px

You might have heard of it, it’s a website that you simply upload your photos to. It’s like Flickr, just with much better photos and quality.

It has some amazing photos. Some of the photos there just leave you with your jaw wide open.

How do I use 500px?

For inspiration. The second you go into 500px you see this amazing amount of awesome photos, it just inspires you! Every time I want to get into the “shooting” mode before going to photograph somewhere, I check out 500px best photos.

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I Just Got A New Camera Bag!

Hello people!!

As you can see, I am a happy man tonight! I just got my new Lowepro Versapack 200 AW.

You might not know about this bag, but it is a really good backpack. It’s a dual compartment backpack, one compartment for camera equipment and one for general things you might want to take with you when you are out photographing. Compared to my old bag, it is so much better! It has a lot of space to fit your lunch, a jacket, water and many other things. The camera compartment can take a DSLR + lens attached, another 2-3 lenses and a flash. easily.
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Photo of the week #2

Hi people! 

This is this week’s photo of the week post. Last week I wrote about a photo I took a few months ago. This time, I am going to write about a photo I took on Monday! 

On Monday I had some free time, I had almost the whole day to do what ever I want. So I decided to go to a lake very close to my home. It’s around 20 minutes drive from my home. But obviously as I am young to drive, I have to take buses there. I takes about one hour to get their with buses.

The lake is a very photographed place, lot’s of Israeli photographer know about it, It’s called Agmon Rishon.

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