There is a great sentence in photography, familiarity breeds success. 

It’s one of the sentences that I really believe in. I completely agree with it.

But how does this sentence translate to photography?

As I said in the title, you should always get to the location you plan to photograph early to scout it. Whether you are going to shoot wildlife, or a landscape, or anything else, you should always get to your spot a few hours earlier than you plan for shooting, just to scout it and find the best places to photograph.

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Everybody who knows anything about photography knows who Ansel Adams is, but what some people don’t is that he made some truly inspiring quotes, and although he wrote them almost 100 years ago, they can relate to every photographer today. My personal favorite quote of his is the one in the title - “You Don’t Take a Photograph, You Make it.”

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Hi people!

I decided to do a “photo of the week post”. I will try and write these as often as every week.  The photos won’t always be from the past week.

I will write the story of the how I got the photo and add the EXIF data, I will also write the gear that I used to take the photo.

So here we go!

And this weeks best photo is:

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Hi there. 

Today I wanted to introduce you to a website for photographers, called 500px

You might have heard of it, it’s a website that you simply upload your photos to. It’s like Flickr, just with much better photos and quality.

It has some amazing photos. Some of the photos there just leave you with your jaw wide open.

How do I use 500px?

For inspiration. The second you go into 500px you see this amazing amount of awesome photos, it just inspires you! Every time I want to get into the “shooting” mode before going to photograph somewhere, I check out 500px best photos.

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  • Quick Tip – Why you Should Always go Through Old Photos
  • Quick Tip – Why you Should Always go Through Old Photos

Quick Tip – Why you Should Always go Through Old Photos

 Hey guys! 

Today I want to start a new series in my blog! 

From now, every few days I will upload a “Quick Tip” post. Containing, unsurprisingly, a short tip!  

So today’s short tip, I want to talk about going through old photos from your catalog.

Here are a few good reasons to do exactly that:

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  • My Fox Project
  • My Fox Project
  • My Fox Project
  • My Fox Project

My Fox Project

Hello everyone! 

Today I am going to tell you about one of the things I have been doing in the last few months while I was re-building the blog. 

So it all started a few months back (sounds like the beginning of a really good story doesn’t it? ;) )

I was playing volleyball (one of my favorite activities) near where I live. I very often photograph a small field just 5 minutes away from where I live, sometimes there are some really nice birds there, and the sunsets get very beautiful from there! Anyway, I was playing volleyball when I saw this small dog-like animal run across the grass where I was playing towards that field I told you about.

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Well, I am sure you read a lot of articles saying the camera isn’t important, and saying that a photographer with a $5000 camera can easily be outsmarted by a photographer who knows how to get the best out of his very cheap gear. Well is that right? Partly…

For beginners, the camera doesn’t really matter, a beginner who can’t get good shots with his Entry – level camera wont get better pictures with a Pro camera. Sure, the quality of his shots may be better if you count the mega pixels, but the pictures themselves will have nothing more special in them.

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I have been photographing landscapes seriously for over a year now, and I have changed my landscape photography a lot in the past year. With a BIG improvement. 

When I first started photographing landscapes, I would get up at crazy hours, go out in the best light of day, and then just shoot 400+ photos and hope I got something good. And almost always, I didn’t get anything good! And I have to admit, I didn’t know why! 

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